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What is a Referral Specialist?

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At CASH@HAND, We like to keep things simple. 


We pay our specialist 50% of our commission for any services rendered.  Unlike many other affiliate marketing opportunities, our program doesn't require you sell anything. 


Just simply schedule phone calls for us with business owners who are seeking or curious about the different funding options available.

Upon receiving your signed agreement, you will receive a web link that connects you to your potential client.  That link will be your way of getting paid.

Though, this opportunity begins as commission-only.  We are looking for a few individuals, that can prove to be consistent with qualified leads, who can transition into a salary+commission role starting at $30k/year.  This can happen as early as 1 month but its entirely based on production.  

If you would like to get started TODAY, simply click HERE to Apply.

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